Rules & Regulations

The Traveling Shorts Film Festival (TravShortsFest) serves to celebrate short films created by filmmakers around the globe and share those films to a global audience. The 5th annual TravShortsFest will take place in Florence, Italy on June 7th, 2016.

When geographically possible, filmmakers participating in TravShortsFest attend the screenings of their films and other special events designed to allow interaction between filmmakers and audiences. When not geographically possible and when connectivity allows, every effort is made to bridge distances by live streaming the event to allow for this exposure and interaction with filmmakers from afar.


The TravShortsFest selects and honors films in three categories, submissions separated by students and general:

• Narrative Shorts OR Cutoff Shorts

» Dramatic or comedic narratives; animated or live-action
» Anything but a documentary qualifies for this category
» 3 – 10 minutes long

• Documentary Feature OR Cargo Shorts

» Non-fiction films; animated or live-action
» 3 – 10 minutes long

• Short Shorts OR Daisy Dukes

» Narrative or documentary; animated or live-action
» No longer than 3 minutes


Films submitted to the TravShortsFest are judged on their overall artistic and technical quality by the Reel Deal, the film club of THINK Global School. Additionally, each film is judged on how it celebrates our world and highlights our human connectedness through the visceral impact of film.

How does a film align with the TravShortsFest mission?

TravShortsFest believes that students have unique, global perspectives and powerful storytelling abilities through their artistic and technical skills in film. While many film festivals encourage high school student submissions and incorporate student categories, TravShortsFest aims to put these young, global storytellers in the limelight and connect them digitally to spark greater collaborations, conversations, and understandings of global importance.

The story of every selected film will be one that represents the viewpoint of a global citizen. A film that aligns with the TravShortsFest mission will create some kind of positive feeling in the viewer, and can change the way they see the world. It could be the kind of change that inspires a viewer, or perhaps educates them. It could change their perspective or make them think about certain topics in new ways.

The power of the film medium lies is evidenced in the way it marries audio and visual and unites the messages of the two communication methods.

All submitted films that meet the below eligibility requirements are considered “in competition” for the TravShortsFest Awards, also described below. Two weeks prior to the Festival, “Official Selection” winners are publicly announced. Only Official Selection winners are eligible for the Grand Prize in each category. Grand Prize winners are announced during the Festival; details are below.

TravShortsFest generally selects shorts from all three categories to create a dynamic and comprehensive program of 90 minutes during the Festival. In 2015, TravShortsFest screened 5 Cargo Shorts (documentary shorts), 4 Cutoff Shorts (narrative shorts), 2 Daisy Dukes (short shorts) after receiving submissions from 9 countries.

Official Selections will be publicly announced on May 22, 2016, and Festival Award winners will be publicly announced on June 7, 2016.


To be eligible for the TravShortsFest, films must comply with the following:

  • The film must have been completed on or after January 1st, 2015.
  • The film must be accessible and available online from the date of submission until June 29th, 2016.
  • There must not be a screening fee attached to the film. TravShortsFest will not pay a screening fee to any film featured in the Festival; there are no exceptions.
  • To be eligible, every film must be available for exhibition as a digital file. Files must be at least 720p.
  • Non-English films must be subtitled in English.

Rules for Submission

In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, filmmakers must comply with the following submission rules to be considered for Official Selection and Festival Awards:

  • The submitting filmmaker must be either the producer or director of the film.
  • Entries are accepted exclusively through the TravShortsFest Film Freeway page.