Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes are what some may call “short shorts;” we like our more memorable description. Daisy Dukes are little stories lasting 3 minutes or less of any nature: documentary, narrative, music video, impressionistic, you name it. They grab your attention and retain it, just covering enough content, but not so much that you lose interest. You get the point.

All films submitted under 3 minutes qualify for the Daisy Dukes category.

The 2016 Winners of Best Daisy Duke

GENERAL: Headway*
Nicolas Romieu & Yohann Grignou, France
A young man have to cross a pond walking on a rope. A violinist will try to help him with his melody.

Sine Juhl & Camilla Christensen, Denmark
An office-working polar bear gets sick of not fitting in.

Previous winners of Best Daisy Duke

STUDENT: 12 Tips on Geocaching
Chau Pham, Vietnam
Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt using GPS receivers to locate containers called geocaches, placed all around the globe. As an avid geocacher, I felt that I was qualified to share some tricks of the trade that I’ve learnt throughout my time exploring the great outdoor through this game.

STUDENT: #Bhutan*
Gijs de Jong, The Netherlands

*This film was also the Audience Award winner.