Cutoff Shorts

One man’s narrative short is another man’s cutoff. The category is for the stylish stories that take on a fictitious nature. They’re half the size of the sisterhood of traveling pants, but we think they’re twice as good.

All narrative films between 3 and 10 minutes qualify for this category.

The 2016 Winners of Best Cutoff Short

GENERAL: The Greater Evil
William R. Coughlan, USA
Lilith Delaney has snagged a plum assignment with the campaign team of Victor Balch, a brash but popular candidate for the Presidency. Though initially seeing it as just another job, Lilith gradually falls under the candidate’s spell, until she catches a glimpse of his horrific true nature.

Matthew Burris, USA
In 1991 Croatia began its war for independence. More than a million land mines were planted in the ground as a result. In 2015 over 50,000 of those mines still remain active. Civil war has broken out in Syria. Million of refugees flee the country. They turn west towards Croatia. Many cross the border and inadvertently wander into the mine fields. Ante is an expert who has volunteered to clear the mines in high risk areas. He runs into a problem when he discovers a Syrian child has chased a ball right into his assigned field. Ante has to push his wits to the limit and risk his life in order to retrieve the child from the field.

Previous winners of Best Cutoff Short

STUDENT: Tell Me a Story
Ayesha K, USA
As I struggled to find a topic for my short film, I took to my peers for inspiration. After wearing out every possible concept I could think of, I realized that the idea was right in front of me all along.

STUDENT: It Hit Upon the Roof
Teymour Ghaderi, Iran
A house in a village, where only an old woman and a child live, the rain falls and starts dripping from the ceiling. The child tries to do something about the drips.

STUDENT: Children at Play
Vietnam Mai, USA