Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts…they get the job done. They tell a story and go heavy on the facts, no frills. These shorts can show wear and tear. These shorts are the documentary shorts, the films between 3 and 10 minutes that endeavor to tell a true story with all the resourcefulness of two extra pockets.

All documentary films between 3 and 10 minutes qualify for this category.

The 2016 Winners of Best Cargo Short

Rupert Shanks & Jocelyn Cox, United Kingdom
The Batwa tribe have shared the forests of Uganda with mountain gorillas for millennia. Oscar-nominated documentary Virunga exposed threats to gorillas in neighbouring Congo. In Uganda, gazetting of these forests has seen tourism boom and gorilla numbers rise, but at great cost to the Batwa. Forcibly evicted from their home without compensation or land, they face a desperate struggle for survival.

STUDENT: Journey Birds
Daphna Awadish, Israel
Personal stories fuse together as man and bird in a cinematic commentary on immigration.

Previous winners of Best Cargo Short

STUDENT: The Pursuit of Adventure
Elliot W, New Zealand
Why do we journey?

STUDENT: Las Cataratas de Iguazu
Mark Surnin, Russia