2016 / Italy


June 7th, 2016 | 18:00
Florence, Italy

The 5th annual Traveling Shorts Film Festival took place at the entrance to the cultural heart of Florence: at Palazzina Reale near the Santa Maria Novella Train Station. For the second year in a row, we partnered with the TGS Symposium event, which showcases powerful Ted-style talks about relevant issues in Italy. These two events aligned in theme with Outsiders & Outliers, a fitting focus for the spirit of the times.

TSFF2016 Submissions Map

TSFF2016 Submissions Map

TravShortsFest selects shorts that qualify within our three categories to create a dynamic program of 90 minutes based on this year’s theme of Outsiders & Outliers.

The 2016 Winners are…


The 2016 Festival Organizers

Creative Director: Madeline S & River W
Online Festival Manager: Samtak P
Outreach Coordinator: Tiana S
Outreach Support & Auditorium Manager: Jenna R
Media Team: Sabrina D, Cameron S & Ronnie T
Marketing Strategist & Partner Coordinator: Elliot W
Technology: Oskar K
Staff Supervisor: Lindsay Clark

The 2016 Festival Jury

Alley M  |  Andrew D  |  Ayesha K  |  Cameron S  |  Danielle R  |  Elliot W  |  Erica M  |  Grace S  |  Josh F  |  Jenna R  |  Laura Gardner  |  Lindsay Clark  |  Lisa G  |  Madeline S  |  Mayoya R  |  Natalie C  |  Oskar K  |  River W  |  Ronnie T  |  Sabrina D  |  Sally A  |  Samtak P  |  Sophie W  |  Tiana S  |  Utkarsha V  |  Victor A


Ailleurs (Somewhere)
Mélody Boulissière, France

The D in David
Michelle Yi & Yaron Farkash, USA

Sine Juhl & Camilla Christensen, Denmark

Brez žice
Julia Minet, Slovenia

Three Dreams
Jonathan Keijser & Daniel Beresh, USA

The World is Beautiful
Amy Wagenaar, USA

Nähmaschine & Regenschirm
Maria Gysi, Germany

Germán Machí & Roman Aixendri, Spain

Tessa Hill, Canada

Cinecittà On Wheels
Inti Carboni, Italy

Journey Birds
Daphna Awadish, Israel

Rupert Shanks & Jocelyn Cox, UK/Uganda

Matthew Burris, USA

Thin Lear – Second Nature
Aleksey Khruslov & Dmitry Kopitin, Russia

Mostar: Unstuck in Time
Sabrina D & Nicolas H, Germany/Ecuador

Nicolas Romieu & Yohann Grignou, France

Elena Brodach, Russia

Riptide Rhapsody
Kenton Brett & David Jarred, USA

Experience Pakistan
S.M. Kumail Rizvi, Pakistan

The Greater Evil
William R Coughlan, USA

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