2015 / Greece


June 18th, 2015 | 18:30
ΡΟΜΑΝΤΣΟ in Athens, Greece


The 4th annual Traveling Shorts Film Festival took place in the heart of the capital city, a stones throw from Omonoia Square in the social incubator and music venue of Romantso (ΡΟΜΑΝΤΣΟ). For the first time in our history, we partnered with the TGS Symposium happening earlier in the day, which showcased powerful Ted-style talks about relevant issues in Greece. These two events aligned in theme with a focus on Legends & Legacies, a fitting focus in a country rich with mythology and tradition.

TSFF submission location

In Athens, TravShortsFest screened 5 Cargo Shorts (documentary shorts), 4 Cutoff Shorts (narrative shorts), 2 Daisy Dukes (short shorts) after receiving submissions from 9 countries.

12189388_10106395968948819_6137872720297942921_oThe 2015 Festival Organizers

Creative Director: Sabrina D
Online Festival Manager: Samtak P
Technology: Oskar K
Media Co-Managers: River W & Tiana S
Co-MCs: Josh F & Elliot W
Host School Coordinator: Danielle R
Partner Coordinator: Madeline S
Outreach Coordinator: Yuan K
Auditorium Co-Managers: Erica M & Utkarsha V
Auditorium Manager Mentor: River W
Film Festival Volunteers: Ronnie T
Staff Supervisor: Lindsay Clark



Guide to Fetal Development
Scott Willis, United Kingdom, Lifelong Learner

12 Tips on Geocaching
Chau P, Vietnam, High School Student

It hit Upon the Roof
Theymour Ghaderi, Iran, High School Student

Cold Blue
György Tamás, Romania, Lifelong Learner

Tell Me A Story
Ayesha K, United States, High School Student

The Collector
Nagy Orsolya, Romania, Lifelong Learner

Odyssey through the Ionian Islands
Erica M, US/Japan, High School Student

Meet River
Sabrina D, Germany, High School Student

Muslim Traveller – with Gerakan Peduli Muslim Pedalaman to Halmahera Barat
Bima Satria, Indonesia, Lifelong Learner

Things to do on an Odyssey
Victor N, India, High School Student

The Pursuit of Adventure
Elliot W, New Zealand, High School Student